COmmon Business-Oriented Language, popularly-known as COBOL, has existed for more than 5 decades. But, the use and support for the programming language is still significant. COBOL is still the primary business system programming language for many government agencies and large corporations. COBOL efficiently processes files sequentially for reporting and transaction processing, which is at the heart of many business, financial and administrative systems, and it utilizes the technical aspects of mainframe computers very efficiently.

Although many COBOL systems are being replaced by COTS packages or modernized to Java or .NET, COBOL is still thought of as one of the reliable, “turn-to” computer languages by:

* government agencies
* military organizations
* large businesses, including finance, banking, and manufacturing; and
* educational institutions

There are a number of reasons why programmers and managers within many different commercial and government organizations remain loyal to COBOL over other computer languages, even today.

1. There’s a lot of it. At any given time, something like half of all the business software running in the world is COBOL software.

2. COBOL is still pretty readable compared to newer programming languages. ‘PERFORM VERIFY-ACCOUNT’ is pretty clear without adding comments to it.

3. COBOL is very portable, and is cross-platform efficient. It may be shifted to various standard hardware and software platforms from different manufacturers with minimum risk.

4. It is supported by contemporary compilers, and COBOL is a very scalable language that is also very secure. You don’t read about COBOL security failures in the news!

However, there are factors that push organizations to replace their COBOL systems with COTS packages, or translate or rewrite them in another language.

* COBOL programmers are retiring, and young developers don’t want to work in COBOL;

* Most large COBOL systems run on mainframes, and the cash out of pocket operating cost can become a problem;

* COBOL can be hard to integrate with other systems and hard to incorporate modern frameworks and software, and the open source movement has pretty much passed it by;

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