ResQSoft is a software development company providing rapid development services and tools to both the private and public sectors. We specialize in rapid legacy modernization, but we also have deep experience building applications from scratch. Our rapid development-redevelopment tool suite, ResQSoft Engineer, is equally effective at meeting client requirements by producing new code for complex applications, or producing modern web applications in Java/JSP/HTML, C#/ASP.NET, Angular, Python, and other modern technologies from various legacy applications.

Among many other projects, Engineer has been used to web-enable hundreds of COBOL programs using Java/JSP/HTML for the Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS), and to build a Content Management System, a biometrics-based Exam Security Program, a Recruiting Management System, and a complex enterprise Web Survey Tool. Recently, we worked on modernizing a legacy Java system for the Air Force. Legacy Java? You bet. There’s a lot of it out there.

ResQSoft delivers professional development services within the following disciplines:

  • Legacy Modernization – Legacy to Java/JSP/HTML5, C# .NET, Angular, Python
  • Web-Enable Applications – Java/JSP/HTML Front-End and/or back end
  • New Development – Build Java, .NET, Python, HTML and Angular Applications
  • System-to-System Integration
  • Web-enabling disparate COTS software – Common Interface
  • Convert Databases – non-Relational to Relational

We offer firm-fixed-price contracts to both private and public sector clients. ResQSoft delivers software quickly, affordably and successfully. Read about our Methodology. Learn more about our Legacy Modernization and New Development.