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Legacy Systems Integration

The ResQSoft® approach to legacy systems integration is very straightforward.  Our process generates code in the Java or C# programming language that implements standard architectural patterns for legacy integration.   We anticipate that most projects can be completed within a single budget cycle and at less than half the cost of manual code integration.

To accomplish this goal, we provide the tools for rapid code development and the services of a team of software engineers who have in-depth experience with ResQSoft® Engineer; built around a core group that has performed a number of new development and redevelopment projects.

Our approach offers the following benefits:

  • COTS Framework – The proven software in this COTS framework is automatically tailored by ResQSoft® Engineer to provide the specific integration functionality required by the applications at hand.
  • Standards based solution – the Java programming language, or C# if you prefer a .NET implementation, is supported by many vendors and development organizations.  The legacy system integration code we will deliver to you can be maintained by almost any software development company or organization.  We provide you with the full source code, and there are no “vendor lock-in” proprietary programming features or API dependencies in the code.
  • Rapid development – because of our unique tools, we can truly do this work better, faster, and cheaper than would be the case with another approach.  We have demonstrated this productivity repeatedly on software development projects.  Even large projects are usually completed within a single year’s funding.
  • Tool availability – normally, we simply develop your legacy systems integration or other application code, and deliver to you the source code that we produce.  ResQSoft® tools are available for license.  However, you can always maintain the code by hand as you would any modern Java or C# application, using other low-cost tools which are readily available from the Internet.  Our tools do not lock you in and you can maintain your source code without them if you so desire.
  • Multi-Platform – Our tools and analyzers address a wide variety of legacy and non-legacy platforms, allowing you to bring all your legacy systems integration code to a single, maintainable solution with a standardized architecture. Even a 10 year old .NET or Java application is already a legacy system that would benefit from our modernization approach.

We are also proficient in software development in other languages, such as C and C++, and can field solutions for those platforms if desired.  Engineer is designed to support multiple target platforms and languages.

ResQSoft® offers an automated approach to meeting these kinds of legacy systems integration requirements.  We can automatically generate source code that fits these or other system integration models, and we can produce this kind of legacy system integration code within a single budget cycle, on a fixed price basis that is less than half of the normal cost of writing the integration code by hand, using our software development tool, ResQSoft™ Engineer, and our standard development process.

ResQSoft® Will Help You Avoid a Future Legacy Logjam

In the ’70s and ’80s, we did not believe that we were writing legacy systems when we developed large business applications in COBOL.  Yet, that’s what happened.  So, how do you avoid creating another such situation?  What happens in six years if, the modernization language you choose today becomes unsupported and some new language is the new platform of choice? Well, if you modernize with Engineer, you will save dramatically on making further platform changes, because your code is properly structured and completely standardized – and chances are we will support the new platform and can re-generate the bulk of your code to fit.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and how ResQSoft® Engineer and our staff of experienced software engineers can migrate your system to the Web – the right way.