Partners & Partnerships

ResQSoft works with partners to provide comprehensive services to a variety of clients across the breadth of markets and Government clientele. Teaming with other companies provides important benefits to our customers; for example, a partner company may have specific staff skills needed for a project or may have in-depth experience with the existing applications that need to be modernized. ResQSoft’s accelerated software development and rapid legacy modernization services complement our partners’ core competencies and create an unbeatable team.

  • Partnering Solutions
  • Firm Fixed Price Performance
  • Lease Technology to Project
  • Involvement Commensurate to Partners Need
  • Project Management/Development
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Prime or Sub

This is not line-by-line code generator technology; we deliver great code. And, our partners do not lose staff by automating some of the programming; they actually grow and gain staff as they take more work away from their competition. They also make higher profit margins on projects, while offering their customers a great value.

We invite vendors to contact ResQSoft to pursue partnering opportunties.

Please email or call Bill Cody at 703-868-8140.