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Benefits of Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g

Written byPaul Bowden

May 21, 2020

It is important for businesses and organizations to keep their modern enterprise software in pace with dynamic organizational or business needs. An organization’s middleware must evolve along with that organization or business and technical evolution in Information Technology (IT).

Oracle WebLogic’s design principles, best-of-breed and integrated hot pluggable capability contribute towards improved agility and astuteness of business applications while lowering IT costs and maximizing efficiency. This technology offers a good mix of scalability, performance and operational efficiency to support contemporary IT requirements driven by dynamic business needs.

It’s a well-supported application server, and well suited to a classical web application architecture. WebLogic can be expensive to support, though, and more modern alternative architectures allow your applications to run on premises or in the Cloud.  There are also web servers like Ngenix and the trusty Apache Tomcat that don’t cost license fees, while providing good performance. Let us help you pick the one that is best for your needs!

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