Because we write lots of code rapidly, often people consider that Java code generation is in charge of the rate we accomplish. And, in a way they are right, while frequently individuals have at heart the old style signal turbines of the 70’s when they say that.

This isn’t your father’s code generator.

We knew you can find two things people hate about code generators: first, when we developed our technology, they create low quality code. The rule isn’t mentioned and it always employs private function calls. Worse, the company of the code is in a way that if it is modified by you, you will likely lose your changes when the code is regenerated. There is number system to allow your custom code to be safely put by you into the application.

Next, the old style machines are stubborn — they will write the rule the way they desire to do it, not the way you’d do yourself to it. The generator program can not be modified by you, and access can not be got by you to the “stock” rule it might be using to create your specific application. If you can deal with the outcome, its fine but if perhaps not, you’re trapped.

Within our first Java signal era option, we resolved these problems, and today that same key technology forces equally our Java and.NET choices. In fact, ResQSoft Engineer has actually developed a new development resource, and it may be used to produce a new system from damage, or where the source code has been dropped to modernize a classic system. While moving further and further from your own business needs, it could actually be used to make a replacement to the previous Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software package that’s charging you increasing certificate expenses. With your technique, usage of the heritage source code isn’t needed.

The code generator you purchase on the Web for $500 is, needless to say, precisely one of these older design code generator that produces unmaintainable and rigid source code. You need to work with a database or archive, and reusable code, and flexible design patterns, to accomplish code generation right, and plenty of other activities you’ll not discover in code that is just spewed out by a brute-force single program.

So, a very important factor that sets ResQSoft Engineer apart from other modernization technologies is that it doesn’t just do modernization — it also does new development and preservation. That is a big difference on exactly how many times do you hear somebody say, “we do not only want the exact same method when we update, we want innovations and new functionality?” We hear it a whole lot. And, we could answer, since our rule writing engineering is dependant on a totally different method we are not restricted by what is reproduced in the previous COBOL or Natural or Model 204 or MAPPER. Sound interesting? Just give us a call.