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Mission Statement

ResQSoft’s mission is three-fold:

To maintain a leadership position in providing rapid legacy modernization services and technology


Changing IT managers' perspective on how to approach development and redevelopment projects


Complete each project ahead of schedule and under budget

How will we accomplish these goals?

Continue R&D Efforts to Maintain Technology Edge

Technology is the driving factor in our ability to out-perform our competitors. Our goal is to stay 2-3 years ahead of competitive technologies.


Demonstrating High Standards for Project Management

Our project methodology focuses on keeping the client engaged and involved in every step of the process. The key to delivering on client requirements is this involvement, rather than having a meeting – going away, coding – and then returning for another meeting.

Provide the Best Value

The projected cost of a modernization project often kills the project before it can start. Our goal is to beat even offshore pricing and demonstrate to IT managers that modernization can be not only affordable, but compelling.

Delivering Open Easily Maintainable Code

Our technology allows us to produce Java/JSP/HTML from any source code. The code we deliver is pure Java and can be easily maintained using any development tool, or even a common text editor. There are no recurring license fees or vendor lock-ins.