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System-To-System Integration

At ResQSoft, we focus on systems modernization for Government and the Fortune 1000. But it is not unusual for a modernization client to ask us to implement some new functionality at the same time. After all, one reason often given for modernizing is that it is impossible to make changes to the old code or to add new functionality to it.

For a wholesale translator approach, of course, this is a problem — it does not make sense to write the new functionality in the old language and then translate it. However, ResQSoft Engineer brings the same advantages to new development that it offers on modernization efforts: fast delivery, a SOA architecture, and higher quality code because our reusable source code has been debugged over multiple projects.

For modernization, we have parsers that scan the legacy code and create metadata in our repository. This information, which is the basis of our automated source code writing, can also be entered by means of the ResQSoft(r) Engineer User Interface (UI) — thereby bringing the power of our modernization solution to green-field development AND to enhancements of a modernized application.

ResQSoft Value Proposition

  • ResQSoft Helps Government and Fortune 1000 IT Departments Stretch Their IT Dollars – More for Less
  • ResQSoft Greatly Increases the Probability of Success on Large, Complex Enterprise Development or Modernization Projects
  • ResQSoft Technologies and Methodologies Reduce Risk By Compressing Project Lifecycles and Mitigating the Effect of Changing Requirements

Unique IT Challenges

Because many legacy systems don’t talk to each other, access to critical information often is very slow, has a greater chance of error, or may in fact be impossible. Worse, these old systems soak up a huge amount of operations and maintenance money, often leaving little or no resources to address pent-up demand for new or changed applications that respond to competitive pressures, changes in the regulatory climate, and so on.

According to Gartner Group, between 60 percent and 80 percent of an average company’s IT budget is spent on maintaining existing mainframe systems and the applications that run on them — and it’s likely higher for Government IT organizations. What that means is that most of the money going into the Fortune 1000 and Federal IT budgets is spent on systems that are outdated, inflexible, not interoperable and are not meeting E-Gov and Federal Enterprise Architecture mandates. The situation is equally serious in many State and Local government bodies, as well.

ResQSoft can get you out of the legacy maintenance business, while at the same time giving you a great way to implement that application development backlog. Nobody else can tackle this problem as well.


ResQSoft meets large scale software development issues head-on with modern methodologies and compelling technology. Essentially, ResQSoft acts as an enabler in the development process, assisting your team, or we can do the job on a turn-key basis. We can work directly with agencies under contract, or subcontact to a prime that has the level of domain experience matching the needs of the client. In the latter relationship, ResQSoft may provide development and modernization tools on a project-lease basis as well as training, mentoring, management and development services as required. Our value add is simple: ResQSoft drastically reduces the cost and time needed for major software projects. If you only write 15% of the code by hand, the project becomes a LOT less risky, and it is done and delivered faster, too. Most projects can be completed within one fiscal year budget cycle. (See DFAS Case Study)

Ahead of Schedule/Under Budget

By enabling development teams to greatly increase their productivity, ResQSoft technologies compress the time required to complete projects, while simultaneously reducing defects by 80% and trimming costs by at least 50% on average. ResQSoft’s Government and Fortune 1000 solutions provide professional services that are timely for the current requirements facing so many organizations. Old methodologies don’t match with rapidly changing requirements. ResQSoft represents new methods combined with compelling technology that represent the future of legacy modernization. We can demonstrate our capabilities by way of proof-of-concepts or pilots, well in advance of a major financial commitment. ResQSoft helps you succeed where others fail.