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Application & Legacy Software Modernization

Here at ResQSoft® we do customized legacy software modernization. We cover a number of solutions; a process that would apply to your organization.

Organizations faced with old, outdated systems have 3 basic alternatives:

  • Replace the old software with a COTS package, such as an ERP;
  • Retire the application (turn it off); or
  • Application Modernization;

What is Legacy Modernization?

For our purposes, we can say that legacy software modernization is the redevelopment of a computer application using Internet and browser technology, in either the .NET or Java programming languages.

How can this be done?  Again, there are 3 choices:

  • Rewrite it by hand;
  • Use a translator to translate the old code; or
  • Automation assisted redevelopment, the ResQSoft® way.

Our redevelopment process and ResQSoft® Engineer tools deliver the benefits of a hand rewrite, without the risk and expense.

Most of the so-called “modernization vendors” do a line by line translation of your source code, with the following results:

  • The new code has the wrong architecture for the web;
  • The application can’t be maintained by normal programming techniques;
  • The code doesn’t scale well; and
  • The vendor “locks you in” with proprietary software for which you do not have the source code.

Our approach avoids all these problems.  In a nutshell, we rewrite the routine portions of your legacy application using automated tools and a large library of reusable object-oriented source code, and then finish the remaining details manually. There are 4 key points to remember with our Legacy Software Modernization process:

  • HIGH QUALITY SOURCE CODE – We provide the highest quality source code because we redevelop rather than translate the old code; the code for your new application is maintainable, documented, secure, scalable, and fast;
  • RAPID DELIVERY – less than a year for most projects;
  • SOA – ResQSoft® Engineer creates application modernizations with a Service Oriented Architecture, industry best practice for ease of integration and maintenance; and
  • COST EFFECTIVE – We deliver in half the time at half the cost! Less expensive than any manual alternative including offshore development.

Our process is an iterative, proven method for rapidly modernizing legacy applications.  PLUS it can be used to:

–     maintain the modernized application
–     enhance the modernized application, and
–     build new applications.

When modernizing, it can take diverse legacy languages – for example, COBOL and Natural – and modernize those systems to a common platform and program architecture.  It can even be used to create the modernized systems as a single application, tied together with menus and shared code, if desired.

ResQSoft® Will Help You With Your Legacy Software Modernization

In the ’70s and ’80s, we did not believe that we were writing legacy systems when we developed large business applications in COBOL.  Yet, that’s what happened.  So, how do you avoid creating another such situation?  What happens in six years if the modernization language you choose today becomes unsupported and some new language is the new platform of choice? Well, if you modernize with Engineer, you will save dramatically on making further platform changes, because your code is properly structured and completely standardized – and chances are we will support the new platform and can re-generate the bulk of your code to fit.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and how ResQSoft® Engineer and our staff of experienced software engineers can migrate your system to the Web – the right way.