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Your Legacy to .Net

Looking to have your legacy applications modernized to .NET? 

ResQSoft® is Flexible, we can modernize any legacy language; from Powerbuilder, ASP, or COBOL to a modern .NET implementation.

Check the current list of our supported legacy languages. Otherwise, if you don’t see yours, CALL US! We have tools that let us work with the HTML produced by almost any application that runs in a browser window. Additional tools allow us to handle IDEAL, Datacomm, and some other legacy mainframe environments. New languages take a matter of weeks to support. Check our FAQ page if you have more questions or Contact us directly. We’ll be more than happy to help you!

Lost Your Old Source Code?

No worries, we can still modernize your legacy without the source code. We don’t always need to do reverse-engineering,we can redevelop a legacy application by capturing the screens and reports, or even by working with a user guide. All we need is your cooperation.

Plus! You don’t have to pay license fees for your application. You don’t have to pay us every time you want to re-engineer or re-develop it for future maintenance. You can use your application as you wish. We deliver to you the Full source code, using the .NET framework. You can update versions of your operating system or frameworks, Trouble-free and Fast. ResQSoft® Engineer can bring you tremendous savings on your maintenance.

ResQSoft®: Fixed Price, Fast Delivery, and Easy to Maintain.

When your staff take over maintenance of your new .Net Framework from the development team, we offer services to make the transition easy.  We offer targeted training! We work with YOUR code, not a canned classroom example.  We can show your people how to extract the design information from the code in the new system; where certain kinds of modifications are most readily made in the new code; and where to add new functionality while retaining our standard, best practices architecture.

Save at least half the money and time using Engineer if the application is a management information system (MIS) or business system.  A large systems integrator measured productivity and found their team of developers was 4X more productive using Engineer to modernize a large PowerBuilder application.  This was their first Engineer project, and it was an insurance system with a lot of business logic.  For that matter, we have had projects that came in at 10X the expected productivity. Developer productivity, of course, is only one factor in overall cost.  But this particular project did save half the time, and half the cost, compared to the original estimate, by using ResQSoft® Engineer.

ResQSoft®™ Will Help You With Your Legacy Software Modernization

In the ’70s and ’80s, we did not believe that we were writing legacy systems when we developed large business applications in COBOL.  Yet, that’s what happened.  So, how do you avoid creating another such situation?  What happens in six years if, the modernization language you choose today becomes unsupported and some new language is the new platform of choice? Well, if you modernize with Engineer, you will save dramatically on making further platform changes, because your code is properly structured and completely standardized – and chances are we will support the new platform and can re-generate the bulk of your code to fit.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and how ResQSoft®™ Engineer and our staff of experienced software engineers can migrate your system to the Web – the right way.