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To what kind of languages or environments do you madernize? What's your target platform for modernization?
What legacy languages can you modernize?
Does that mean you can modernize a system if the source code is lost or unavailable?
Do I have to pay license fees for my application, if I use ResQSoft™ Engineer to re-engineer or develop it?
Don't translator companies give me full source code, too?
Do I have to buy ResQSoft™ Engineer to maintain my application?
Do we have to buy services from you, to get the benefit of ResQSoft™ Engineer?
Do we have to buy ResQSoft™ Engineer, to get the benefit of your services?
I don't see my legacy language in your list. Can you help me anyway?
What is SDL? Is it proprietary to ResQSoft, Inc.?
When do I have to hand-modify the code generated by ResQSoft™ Engineer?
What happens to my hand-written code when I rerun ResQSoft™ Engineer?
Why can't I download an evaluation copy of ResQSoft™ Engineer from your website?
What do you do with the business logic in a legacy application?
Why can't you just translate the entire legacy application to Java or C#?
Somebody told us they can automatically translate our whole system, but then they refactor it so the organization is good. Does that solve the problem?
What does it cost to have you re-engineer or re-develop a system?
We use a rules engine (or more commonly, we don't use a rules engine but we think we would like to); how do you handle business rules?