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Legacy Modernization

ResQSoft understands the complex modernization projects that challenge large businesses. Modernization efforts can be complicated by systems containing multiple applications – often developed in multiple languages – connected to several databases and/or existing as separate systems altogether. This often requires project managers to seek several vendors to find tools and/or expertise for each system. Even then, the results are likely to be completely different, greatly complicating ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the software – what you get is stovepipe systems in a new language!

Through our tool suite, Engineer, ResQSoft provides a single vendor solution capable of modernizing disparate applications and databases. Our solutions not only allow us to work with a wide variety of languages and bodies of source code at once. We can also modify the templates in Engineer to output code specific to a client’s requirements. Unlike rigid code generators or translators, our tools can be taught to write code exactly the way you want it, complete with documentation.

Primary Modernization Services

  • Legacy Code to Java/JSP/HTML – Rapid Redevelopment
  • Web Enabled Front-end While Retaining Legacy Backend
  • Delivery of Foundation Code (Your Team Finishes the Application) or Completely Finished Applications
  • Modernization as a Turn Key Project, or We Will Integrate with Your Development Team
  • Business Systems in Almost Any Legacy Language, Modernized Rapidly with High Quality Code and SOA

ResQSoft has extensive experience with large, complex projects – succeeding where others fail by mitigating risk through superior project management. The key is our approach to handling changing requirements over the life of a project, and our documented process and examples. We also reduce risk by offering firm-fixed-price contracts for development or redevelopment projects, which provides IT managers with a clear view of the path ahead. No surprises. ResQSoft delivers high quality code, on time and within budget.