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Rapid Software Development for Your Coronavirus / COVID-19 Needs

Written byPaul Bowden

April 1, 2020


Need Something Done Quickly?

We’re all suffering from the virus and lockdowns, it’s a fact. And some of that suffering is heartbreaking, not just here in the U.S. but all over the world. As a modernization vendor, we can point out that modernized applications are easier to work with, require skills that are not in short supply, and save you 20-40% in operating cost.

But, when the house is on fire, most people don’t have time to think about that, and we understand.

Our technology works for new development, not just modernization. We can sit with you and define what an app has to do, in a collaboration session of a day or two. And you can have the first version running in less than a week, hosted on Azure or AWS, or on one of your servers or ours.

Can we help? Free if we can, or very low cost otherwise? We don’t have unlimited resources, but our tools give us the equivalent of 12 developers sitting there just waiting to help you with urgent needs. Give our CTO, Tom Bragg, a call at (571) 488-0304 or email him here.

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