Let us guess that you have a big system you want to redo on the web. You might get it translated, but you do not need the likely efficiency and maintainability problems connected with wholesale line-by-line interpretation. In reality, you don’t actually want the brand new method to appear like the old one: you want advanced graphics, personalized and stylish possibilities, drop downs, radio buttons… the works. Put simply, you wish to rewrite it.

If the system is big, you may in the beginning consider giving it to a big integrator to redo. The initial problem with that strategy is that nobody has 80 very successful builders just sitting there waiting to start your legacy modernization project. Businesses might have several, however, not enough good people.

Still another technique would be to split the job and offer it to 3 or 4 or 5 firms. Not a poor idea, simply because they will contend, and you’ll not have the “entrenched contractor” issue that we hear so much about. There is just one difficulty: how do you get them to write the rule in a frequent type, so that it all fits together and looks like it was written by one team? Because if not, you’ll get three or 4 or 5 “silo” implementations, with the interoperability and maintenance problems that go along with it.

This problem can not be solved with a documented architecture, but it can be solved by implementing an architecture for the entire process and directing the companies to use common rule and place their unique business logic on one place. That’s what ResQSoft (dtc) Engineer offers you — you can have all the code written instantly, including the code for the entire program, and then their implementations can be fit by the contractors into the appropriate areas. After all, getting rid of the silo implementations is certainly one of the main reasons for heritage modernization in the first place.

Manufacturers provide you with best practices, MVC style architecture in Java or.NET — not in writing, but in working rule. That’s the only path to wrap everything together!