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How to become a Web Logic architect

Written byGuest Blogger

May 7, 2012

WebLogic architects also referred to as builders or designers are computer programmers that are primarily responsible for managing applications and developing websites within a computer platform. On occasion WebLogic designers or architects are sometimes required to come in and re-write a vital company program or a variety of programs for the efficient and effective running of that company. There are a wide range of job opportunities available for those looking to go in to this field. The following are just a few steps you can take towards making your dream of becoming a WebLogic architect a reality.

Step One: The first thing you need to do is enlist yourself for computer application courses. This is so as to enable you to attain knowledge on systems architecture so as to learn how to use a WebLogic server in addition to the various systems related to it. Based on you current experience, it is probably a good idea to start of by learn or refreshing yourself on the basics before taking up an actual applications coarse.

Step Two: Once you’re made the decision to take up the WebLogic course the next step involves you identifying a suitable learning institution or school. It is probably a good idea to take your time researching your options so as to ensure you select the best option that not only fits you needs and requirements but integrates well with your life or daily schedule. Once you’ve identified and school signed your self up for the course the next phase involves you delving in to the Web Logic program framework and all its enhancements and abbreviations.

Step Three: This step comes towards the end of your WebLogic course studies and involves one getting a better feel for the WebLogic architect career through vital hands on experience gained from internship. In order for you to get a good serious stable position in the field you will need at the very least one year of entry level experience as a WebLogic assistant. Your university or college career center can be a great help in pointing you in the right direction.

Step Four: This step involves you diversifying your educational background as so to enable you to become a WebLogic architect. Learning about information sources such as web services, mainframe applications and databases is a good start.         

Step Five: Familiarize yourself with script involved in WebLogic. You should be well versed in factors that contribute or cause system failures or errors and have a good understanding of the different kinds of servers that support WebLogic design. Familiarize yourself with web portals, how they relate to WebLogic and how these relations can affect your clients.  Staying up to date with technological advancements through obtaining the latest BEA systems software is also a vital part of becoming a good WebLogic architect.

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