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Tablet Wars : Microsofts’ Surface Table on the Rise

Written byGuest Blogger

June 28, 2012

Software giant Microsoft looks as if it has taken the challenge to itself to rise in challenge of strong competition. Remember the time when Netscape was in neck to neck with Microsofts Internet Explorer in web browsing domination? Or when Sony was dominating the gaming world which gave birth to the Xbox? And now as we know it, Apple has taken a very big chunk in the computing world – most particularly in the Tablet technology where iPad has taken the market by storm.

This most recent challenge from Apple have once again ignited a fire in Microsoft.  Tablet technology market have been a passion for the company  with which it has tried to perfect and dominate in the recent decade.  The release of Windows 8,has clearly turned its aim toward the tablet market. Previous attempt in the tablet technology has shown its great flaw in clunky hardware and low performing battery life and design.

Microsoft have recently lunch a pair of tablets running on Windows 8 – one that is based in ARM platform on Windows 8RT and the other running on a familiar Intel chipset with Windows 8 Pro.  Physically it seems more alike and having the look, feel, size and weight of an iPad.  What probably sets it apart from iPad is that it has a larger HD – quality screen, a magnetic cover that apes the smart cover from Cupertino, a full keyboard  and touchpad but with minimal additional size or weight.  With Windows 8 running in the background MS Office comes in very handy.

Microsoft is offering the best of both worlds: compatibility with familiar applications and a touch-driven tablet experience. What remains to be seen is its competitiveness in terms of pricing the issue on battery life.  But given, the hype and the noise Microsoft is trying to create could be a sign that it is ready to challenge and take over the Tablet Market. In any event, Microsoft has stepped up its attack on the tablet market with a cannonade in the form of the Surface tablet.

Is Microsoft ready to take the lead once again?

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