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Software Development – The Future of Your Business is in the Hands of the IT Brains

This is the land of development of a software product , meaning the activity of computer programming, the process of writing and maintaining a source code. Software development includes research, prototyping, modification, re-engineering, maintenance and all the others activities that result in software products. Software is developed for a variety of purposes:  to meet that need of companies for their development or to meet the needs of individuals.

The development of software is the primary factor in development of informational technologies. And behind the “scenes”, there are the IT brains. You have probably met one along the way, it’s that person who seems to know exactly what words like AIX, COBOL, MAINFRAME mean, words that for most of us do not ring any bells.

For them, there is an universe of possibilities out there. This can do that, with this I can make this work, and so on. Try to listen to a conversation between two programmers and you’ll think they speak different English. And they are! To be smart is good, but to be brilliant is a must in this field.

The development of programming languages and the creation of universal programming tools made software development become easier to use and closer to the user. And all thanks to those brilliant brains that speak different English. They know how to generate a solution for our needs, and for that , their nights are whiter than ours. Years of learning and special trainings are now beginning to pay off. IT programmers are among the best paid workers in the world. And you cannot be surprised, the software development industry is in one place today and in another one tomorrow.  And if you are a genius, no matter the country you currently live in, there is an open desk for you in America.

Do you have a problem with your computer at home, or at work? There is always a personal solution for you thanks to software engineering. And because it is personalized, at least one IT brain is working just for you.

The software development industry has become one of the most profitable one in the world. It has known an important decrease during past years, due to the world financial crisis but studies show that there are 12 million software developers in the world today. Only in USA alone this industry involves about 50.000 companies with a turnover of over 220 billion dollars. An amount of 60 percent of this industry revenues come from software publishing .

The finances for these companies revolve around the cash flow dynamics of developing the software solutions.  In USA, the software development industry is free of government regulations.

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