Oracle WebCenter is an extension that makes the connection between portals that are web based and enterprise applications and that provides a wide range for advantages for any web based business.

Oracle WebCenter- Advantages

Among the many advantages of this framework developed by Oracle, the following are worth mentioning:

  • It enables the embedding of components that are AJAX based, also services, portlets and other enterprise applications and portals.
  • It provides a fast solution for those who find it difficult to decide whether to build a web application, a portal or a social networking site.
  • It speeds up the delivery time of all the above mentioned applications
  • It enables any portal to become an application and vice versa
  • Every component can be added to the application or portal when necessary
  • It enlarges the JSF development environment by means of extra components, options of runtime and integration by including capabilities that belong only to the portal products

These portal capabilities will allow you a better building and consumption of portlets, will integrate the content from stores by means of standard interfaces and will enable the customization of the entire application at runtime. This will enable the end users to perform editing operations on their application pages, as per Oracle Composer. Oracle WebCenter is also meant to allow administrators the personalization of the component behavior, in any way they see fit and useful for their users.

Because of the fact that the security of this framework is based on Java and JAAS standards, there is the possibility of leveraging enterprise identity management role, directly when you secure an Oracle WC portal or application.

Oracle WebCenter- Components

The components provided by this framework are ready-to-use and allow an easy addition of services of social networking or productivity to the portal or application. All these components come from WebCenter Services. A simple example is that you can have your users tag various important items and thus share these items with the others. Moreover, there is also the possibility of adding a discussion service to your page, where users can express feedback on the design of the page.

Then there is also the Oracle JSF Portlet Bridge, an option that enables the conversion of any JSF application into a JSR 168 portlet, which then you are able to add to a certain portal or application that are standard-based. This also enables the integration and publishing of content from different sources. It is also important to know that this framework consists also of adapters for Oracle Portal and Oracle Content Server.

Oracle WC also has Oracle Composer components that are also ready-to-use, enabling thus an easier content development in your portal or application and in the end enabling end users to perform run-time customizations of their pages. Besides all these, you can also be the provider of versions of Oracle Resource Catalog or Business Dictionary, where users will have access to vital information.

All this being said and with all the advantages presented, Oracle WebCenter framework is another important web tool meant to make things easier for you and more productive!