Most times presentations, spreadsheets, documents and emails in organizations are created faster than we can keep track of. Images, documents, web pages and other content types in this case are referred to as unstructured content. Since the amount of this content continually increases or grows within an organization on a daily basis the challenges associated with its distribution, management as well as creation continues to grow in tandem. Oracle’s WebCenter interface provides a solution to this matter.

Unfortunately… it was quite difficult to use. We succeeded in making ResQSoft Engineer create good Java code for it, so we understand it quite well. But those who adopted Oracle WebCenter soon discovered that software written for the product was difficult to debug and deploy — and the worst part was, like Adobe Flex and SilverStream and some other interesting technologies, it just didn’t catch on. We supported it for years, but the time has come to move on: WebCenter is end-of-life here at ResQSoft, and we won’t be creating new code for it.

However, if you are currently using this product and want to move to something more mainstream, please talk to us. We can help!