Some people look at our technology and focus immediately on the tools. While we think the tools are great, successfully building software has a lot more to do with your process or methodology than it does with your tools. You can do automated redevelopment (what we do) or wholesale line by line translation, or rewriting by hand: but if you don’t have a process for getting the job done, the odds are that the outcome will be a failure.

Our software development methodology, QuickStep(tm) has a number of features specifically for modernization, but it also handles new development (just like our tools). We also have a software application called ResQTrack that supports the methodology and even helps to enforce certain aspects of it. QuickStep is repeatable, and is tailored to each project; it supports multiple teams working together, and they can be located anywhere in the world. Using ResQTrack, we not only enforce the process, but we monitor it and measure the results.

ResQTrack allows us to assign and monitor tasks, collect labor and cost data, maintain and allocate requirements to tasks and tests, maintain and share a secure project library, keep a record of technical communications, and publish process documentation and design information. We would have to install 5 or 6 external software packages to do the same thing, and they would not be integrated.

This way, we have good support for the software engineering process, and can give a customer up to the minute visibility into the project. Let us know if you’d like to give it a try.