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Micro Focus Cobol — New Options for Modernization of Mainframes

Written byGuest Blogger

August 10, 2012

Micro Focus has recently come up with many new options meant to cut expenses and also to cut time, when it comes to building or just maintaining applications used by organizations; some of these options are Micro Focus Cobol, Micro Focus Server Express, Micro Focus DevPartner Studio, Micro Focus Silk4J and Micro Focus for Visual Studio. These options generally enable Java and other devs to modernize their mainframes, by offering a reliable support in the entire cycle that involves editing, compilation and debugging.

Micro Focus Cobol– Server Express (RDO)

The Micro Focus Server Express will permit client to maintain their programs in Cobol and make the code sourcing on the server that represents the target, preventing them from transferring code between a development environment and the Linux/Unix server, where applications run and are being tested. It also allows the usage of local services and databases.

How does it help organizations

The RDO along with the Micro Focus Cobol and all the other options is the answer to the needs of any organization in point of debugging and testing application, as close to their production as they can be. This actually translates into a substantial time reduction, because if until now it was a matter of days until a development project could be completed, this can now be done in a few hours, which means more productivity and thus more satisfied customers.

Advantages of Micro Focus Cobol and other Micro Focus tools

There are many advantages that this option has for its users and these are only a few of them:

–          Increase of productivity due to time reduction of processes

–          The functionality called “Eclipse” meant for help developers modernize various MF  Cobol assets

–          The source code remains on the target server, meaning less time for the activities of source control

–          The operation of debugging takes place also in the target-environment, enabling the use of local databases; this also enables the development environment to work at full capacity on the local station.

Other Micro Focus Options

Besides Micro Cobol and Server Express, there are also three other newly launched tools, also integrated with Visual Studio.

The first is Micro Focus Silk4J, which is a tool meant to enable the automation of tests toVisual Studio 2010.

The second one is called Micro Focus DevPartner Studio, which is an application debugging, analyzer, tester and tuner for devs, thus having an easier access to the inside application workings that are developed in Visual Studio.

The third one is Micro Focus Analyzer Express for Visual Studio, which is a speeding tool, meant to help devs keep work their maintenance faster.

Micro Focus has understood that organizations need to stay in the game, therefore they have come up with new tools meant to support them in the process of increasing their productivity in order to attract more and more customers in this tough market. Micro Focus Server Express, Micro Focus Cobol, Micro Focus DevPartner Studio are all products for success!

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