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Benefits of Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g

Written byMiles

June 23, 2013

images (28)It is important for businesses and organizations to keep their modern enterprise software in pace with dynamic organizational or business needs. An organizations middleware must evolve along with that organization or business making sure to keep in touch with business changes such as growth, seasonal variation or contraction. Middleware should possess characteristics that allow it to be easily modified to accommodate such fluctuations as well as flexible and cost efficient in order to fully benefit its users. Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g, a foundational element of Oracle Fusion Middleware is a modern infrastructure foundation that offers just this.

Oracle WebLogic’s design principles, best-of-breed and integrated hot pluggable contribute towards improved agility and astuteness of business applications while lowering IT costs and maximizing efficiency. This technology offers the ideal mix of scalability, performance and operational efficiency to support contemporary IT requirements driven by dynamic business needs. The following are just a few business and organization benefits of Oracle WebLogic suite 11g:

Fast application server:

This Oracle WebLogic server is proven to offer its users top performance. Regardless of whether it’s running on a single or multiple application server instances in support of your organization or business’s applications, Oracle WebLogic server offers its users the fastest performance. With most data centers deploying the newest hardware architectures including 64-bit memory, multi chips and high speed network connections it is only natural that they require a modern middleware application infrastructure foundation that offers server speeds that are not only advantageous to the end user but also help reduce costs with regard to hardware savings (more transactions per server) as well as management overheads (fewer servers that require management).

Oracle Coherence:

As it may be observed in most cases, quite a number of applications are often limited by the memory accessible on the machine they are deployed to. Oracle Coherence as part of the Oracle WebLogic suite pools all available memory across systems and makes it accessible to applications. Oracle WebLogic’s Coherence also provides users with clustering so that allow for data replication so as to protect against loss should any system fail. Apart from improving application speed, Oracle Coherence also assists in accommodating a larger number of users without compromising performance. What this means is that users get to enjoy the most out of their existing hardware investment and reduce capital costs.

Messaging superhighway:

Because applications do not work in seclusion, connecting and communicating to other applications and services within their environment is important. Oracle’s EGM (Enterprise Grid Messaging) is highly reliable performance architecture for application to application communication based on JMS (Java Message Service).


Nowadays, having the most responsive application is simple not enough. For businesses and organizations to truly outperform their competitors they need to be able to support application agility (ability to promptly alter applications and deploy new ones). Oracle WebLogic suite 11g offers fast and easy application lifecycle management and zero downtime rollout of new application versions, individual components or patches and fast roll back.

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Benefits of Oracle WebLogic Suite 11g

It is important for businesses and organizations to keep their modern enterprise software in pace with dynamic organizational or business needs. An organization's middleware must evolve along with that organization or business and technical evolution in Information...