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Application Development for Windows Phone

Written byGuest Blogger

July 30, 2012

As if taking the que on the challenge being posed by mobile phone/mobile computers giant Apple Computers, Microsoft have once again showed why it simply cannot be toppled. Steps have been taken to modernize system software for mobile phones. And there is a lot of reason why software development or in this point mobile applications development is very much alive.  The Windows Phone OS ease of use with which applications can be quickly prototype or released suggest a bigger looming prospect of Windows 8 (and its release) becoming more of the selling point.

Application and systems developer likes Windows Phone as an OS as well as development environment. So as most developers that Windows Phone have matured over the last couple of years and has become a very solid operating system. Citing the phones responsiveness OS and attractive design together with ease of use considered as its strong selling point. Likewise, the Metro User interface – definitely a cut above from the existing iOS and Android has shown the style and usability.

And with the finishing touches and lunch of the Windows 8, being in the very near future, leaves the likewise legacy systems  at greater far end for the new software development needs. Developers have created more than 100,000 developed windows mobile application have made the Windows Phone a viable and strong alternative against the iOS and Android systems. When an application or modernize  software system is ported by the developers they already have in mind the feature to look into the Metro User Interface. Microsoft also encourage to use special features such as Live Tiles and Bing application connect which happens to be very specific with the quality, speed ang service-oriented architechure.

Many are already developing various mobile phone application and are actually submitting it at the market place. Though developers have varying experience in the actual development of their apps depending on how they were able to immediately cope up with the familiarization of the new design patterns for Windows Metro style apps. It also helps that XNA is working out of the box which is good news for application developer as they would have the tools to create multi-platform game or applications right from the onset and take advantage of code portability.

As software/application development continue to progress in terms of developing them in Windows phone environment  as it gains more ground in its market share. Now what Microsoft needs to do to make the Windows Phone more appealing for the most part is to feature request from the specific developers, more integration of third-party apps the music Hub. In a nutshell this is Microsofts’ challenge the platform and development environment is attractive it just needs to make developers believers.

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