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ResQSoft® Engineer supports SOA – Service Oriented Architecture

The structure of an Engineer application follows the modular Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Engineer code also has a robust object-oriented design underlying the rest of the application itself.

The ResQSoft® Engineer solution and approach to systems modernization has been described elsewhere, but to summarize: it is a redevelopment process (not wholesale translation) that involves automatic tailoring of reusable source code modules.

ResQSoft® SOA builds 85% or more of the system with reusable code that has already had most of the defects found and removed.  Studies have shown that reusing code is the highest productivity, and highest quality, approach known for building software systems.

The Engineer process does involve some hand coding.  No tool can completely redevelop – not translate – a system automatically.  Our tools do the “gruntwork” portion of the code, but more complex parts are still done by hand.

Using SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and ResQSoft® Engineer for Integrating Diverse Systems

The Business Object services façade and the data management services can be created for any arbitrary system, and we will take that code to a common platform. The routines can be called as needed to share data or functionality through a single unified interface. We can integrate as your different legacy systems using the services of a data management layer. The legacy systems can be left operational, or replaced if desired.

ResQSoft® Engineer provides a Service Oriented Architecture for the applications it creates, making it far easier to implement business functions and integrate diverse systems under the SOA model.  Engineer can do this while modernizing code for over 20 legacy programming languages, far more than any other tool we are aware of.  Moreover, ResQSoft® Engineer provides a software engineering repository that allows our tools to be used for new development and legacy modernization, both.

ResQSoft® Will Help You With Your Legacy Modernization

In the ’70s and ’80s, we did not believe that we were writing legacy systems when we developed large business applications in COBOL.  Yet, that’s what happened.  So, how do you avoid creating another such situation?  What happens in six years if, the modernization language you choose today becomes unsupported and some new language is the new platform of choice? Well, if you modernize with Engineer, you will save dramatically on making further platform changes, because your code is properly structured and completely standardized – and chances are we will support the new platform and can re-generate the bulk of your code to fit.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and how ResQSoft® Engineer and our staff of experienced software engineers can migrate your system to the Web – the right way.

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