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Oracle WebCenter

More than 8 years ago, ResQSoft, Inc. was proud to announce the general availability of ResQSoft® Engineer for Oracle WebCenter, a new release of the company’s flagship Engineer product which creates Java applications directly for Oracle WebCenter. Using the company’s toolset, developers can specify the form of a new application they would like to construct and then Engineer will create a complete WebCenter application, already packaged as a JDeveloper project. Compared to hand coding, time savings of 4-10 times can readily be achieved, and all of the specialized work to build and deploy portlets for WebCenter is performed automatically.

ResQSoft® Engineer for Oracle WebCenter also could be used with the company’s legacy source code analyzers to modernize legacy code directly to the WebCenter platform. Existing applications written in mainframe languages such as MAPPER, COBOL, Natural, Model 204 and IDEAL could be re-created as WebCenter portlet applications, and the tools allow developers to make dramatic improvements in look and feel declaratively, without programming. As with new development, all of the WebCenter-specific work and the packaging for JDeveloper was done automatically.

In addition to these mainframe programming languages, ResQSoft® Engineer can also be used to modernize Cold Fusion, Oracle Forms, PowerBuilder, MUMPS, Micro Focus COBOL and other commonly used programming languages. In fact, the ResQSoft® Engineer toolset handles over 40 legacy languages and dialects, and can even be used to rapidly replace Commercial Off the Shelf Software (COTS) packages for which the source code is usually unavailable.

Unfortunately, over the years, Oracle WebCenter has failed to achieve meaningful market share. Like Adobe Flex, SilverStream, and others, the market has passed this technology by. So, it is with regret that we have made Oracle WebCenter support end-of-life, and we will not be creating new application code for it. But, if you have legacy applications on WebCenter, please talk to us and we can help you modernize to a better supported platform.

Applications created by ResQSoft® Engineer are SOA and Cloud-ready, and can be delivered within a single budget year in most cases.

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