Management Team

We’re here to help you modernize your old software with maintainable code!

This page is dedicated to some of our longstanding team members, who work together to bring you the most affordable, rapid legacy modernization tools and services in the industry. Out of our full team of key contributors, these folks are the outward facing part of ResQSoft, and we’ve had a number of requests for pictures and biographies. We are not just management team members here at ResQSoft, we are an integrated team and everybody does his or her part. Our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority.

Our management approach has evolved along with our software. We’ve instituted controls and procedures to improve our execution, including establishing a Business Advisory Council with diverse representation and deep management experience.

Our mission remains to produce nothing but the best quality code, affordably: full, object-oriented, properly structured source code with nothing held back. We beat all the rest, give us a call or email.

Tom Bragg
CTO and President
Phone: 703-821-6999

Tom Bragg invented the concepts behind ResQSoft Engineer and guided development of the first 4 releases of the tools. His first programming languages were Autocoder, COBOL, FORTRAN, and PL/I. He’s stayed very much involved with modern programming trends and often interprets legacy languages to our Python and Java development teams. He provides the technical direction for the evolution of the Engineer tool set, but also spends time talking with customers and prospects.

Tom lives in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. For fun, he cooks, reads, and plays guitar.

Bill Cody
Business Modernization Solutions
Direct: +1-678-592-2600

Bill Cody has many years of experience with software projects and specializes in legacy software modernization. Bill is part of our sales team, concentrating on Federal and State opportunities as well as partner relationships with systems integrators and hardware companies that we work with. In addition to following his favorite sports teams, Bill keeps tabs on the industry and often brings business to the table that spurs the team to enhance the tools to handle another challenging customer requirement.