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Company Policy

Category: Human Resources

Section 1: Introduction (Download PDF)

Section 2: Recruitment-Employment (Download PDF)

Section 3: Job Classification-Payroll (Download PDF)

Section 4: Attendance-Leave (Download PDF)

Section 5: Benefits (Download PDF)

Section 6: Standards-Practices (Download PDF)

Section 7: Discipline-Grievances (Download PDF)

Section 8: Non-Disciplinary Termination (Download PDF)

Section 9: Performance Evaluation (Download PDF)

Category: Standard Operating Procedure

Section 1: Introduction (Download PDF)

Section 2: Client Projects (Download PDF)

Section 3: Internal Projects (Download PDF)

Section 4: Business Development (Download PDF)

Section 5: Human Resources (Download PDF)

Section 6: Legal Review (Download PDF)

Section 7: Company Property (Download PDF)

Benefits Addendum

Health Insurance Benefit

In order to afford our employees the maximum choice in selecting the right health plan, ResQSoft provides the following reimbursement plan for health insurance expenses, as a payroll item.

The rates are:

Full Time Employee purchasing a new individual policy or continuing an existing individual policy – up to $450 per month.

Full Time Employee covered under a new or existing family policy or policy issued in another name – $50 per month.

Upon termination of employment, or at such other time as ResQSoft deems necessary, expenses must be substantiated and any overpayments refunded to the company as a deduction from the final paycheck.

Educational Benefit

Approved courses related to the employee’s professional work will be reimbursed up to $2,000 per year.  Approval in advance is required.

The company maintains an educational subscription for employee children to improve their math skills; contact your supervisor for details.